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We Found the Challenge

With our innovative perspective, LeaKrea helps its clients to be at the top of the digital world by finding special solutions that they need. 

We offer you the best support with our experienced and solution-oriented team. We help you achieve your goals with solutions such as competitor analysis, SEO research, and advertising support. We are aware of the necessary metrics for the goals you need for your website, social media accounts, or brand. You will be aware of your rising success with the reports we present to you graphically. 

LeaKrea SEO & Digital Marketing, we serve our customers all over the world with our innovative style. It is now easier to achieve success with the special strategies we have created for them.

We Have The Solution

By doing SEO analysis, we help companies increase their visibility in Google Search engines organically. As a result of the analyzes made for you, the most appropriate SEO strategy is created. You work on the prepared SEO strategy with an elite team. 

Not just SEO analysis; The Google Ads, Social media ads, or whatever you need for your digital brand are prepared in the most optimized way for the sector you are in.

We Know the Plan

We are improving our methods day by day and we are a close follower of innovations. With this, we use the most advanced and new techniques on the market.

Our experienced and friendly team will be happy to assist you with any issue you may have or want to ask.

Our mission

  • Creating the most suitable strategies for you,
  • Preparing the type of advertisement you need according to your budget,
  • Analyzes your industry and competitor companies,
  • Müşteri potansiyelinizi analiz etmek ve profil tanımlama,
  • To report the current situation and growth regularly,


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